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Homemade LollipopsBy bikaNZ1@52Lollipops are an old-fashioned favorite! Sure, it's easy to buy them in the store, but it's even more fun to make them at home! You need a few pieces of inexpensive equipment to start--a candy thermometer, and a lollipop mold. Both can be found for a few dollars at cake/candy supply stores, many craft stores, or online. You'll also want lollipop sticks, a flavoring extract (it could be simple vanilla or a variety of exotic flavors!) and perhaps food coloring.
Maple Ice CreamBy bikaNZ1@52Chef Gabriel Rucker’s breakfast-inspired dessert features cornbread studded with bits of bacon and dried apricots served with a scoop of rich maple ice cream.
Pumpkin Spice CupcakesBy bikaNZ1@52These addictive fall treats feature real pumpkin in the cake mix and a seasonal spin on classic cream cheese frosting with the addition of maple syrup.
Oatmeal Spice CakeBy bikaNZ1@52This light and fluffy cake is made with fizzy Dr. Pepper, oatmeal, and warming spices like allspice, nutmeg, and cinnamon. This decadent dessert has a layer of vanilla whipped cream in between the two cakes and is topped with cream cheese frosting, toasted coconut flakes, and a drizzle of Mexican chocolate ganache.
Whoopie Pie MacaronsBy bikaNZ1@52Whoopie pies are “wicked” Maine. I grew up eating these soft, cake-like chocolate cookies with marshmallow cream filling. When we first opened Union, I wanted to offer cookies and candies as a dessert and my mind always wandered to the whoopie pie. Transforming these simple flavors in to a macaron was the perfect balance of a classic favorite, just reimagined.
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